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Mar 01, 2009 at 05:26 PM

what is the best method to MODIFY the HR INFOTYPE tables


Hi All,

I need one small requirement . I need to create one conversion program where i need to move the data from district field to city field in the address infotype making district field data empty.

whether any one can tell me what is the best process to achieve this..

I am just thinking HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION and HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA...Which one is the best ? What is the exact difference between those two function modules..

I am just thinking i can code this way please correct me if i am wrong...


get pernr.

loop at p0006.

call fnction bapi_employee

move p0006-district to city.

call fn hr_ifnotype_operation.

call function bapi_dequee.




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