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Jul 03, 2018 at 06:04 PM

Component costs to be settled to FXA and Cost Center



We defined a Order type where we set one Work Center[LABFXA] operation cost to settle to Asset and another Work Center[LABEXP] operation settle to Cost Center, through User Exit IWO10027. Operations Labour related cost postings settle to order perfectly. Work Center[LABFXA] operation cost gets settled to Asset and Work Center[LABEXP] gets settled to Cost center.

We have assigned components for Operation 1, where we have the Work Center [LABFXA] and assigned components for Operation 2 where we have the Work Center[LABEXP]. We have defined cost elements in Allocation structure for posting both Fixed Asset and Cost Center.

But when we settle the order: component cost for Operation 2 where we have the Work Center[LABEXP] settles to Fixed Asset. Is this component costs can be settled to Cost Center.

Please provide your inputs.