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Mar 01, 2009 at 10:07 AM

Partner Functions In territory Management


In the SAP Help Content in SPRO you can find he following info on territory Management :

"The partner function in the business document and in the territory assignment do not have to be identical for partner determination based on Territory Management.

For example, John Smith is assigned as partner function sales representative to Boston, U.S., but he is also determined for partner function employee responsible in the business document."

So indeed the system determines any employee for any partner function that is needed in a document, this however is rather annoying in my case because I have 4 different Partner functions in my territories and the positions assigned should be determined on the document as they are mentioned in the territory.

So as an example on how I would like the system to work :

- My John Smith that is "Product analyst" on the territory should be determined automatically as "Product Analyst" in my sales document and the system shouldn't ask if the other 3 persons that are "Sales Reps" or "Product specialists" or whatever on the territory should be Product analyst on the sales document.

Can anybody help me out on this one?