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Mar 01, 2009 at 04:03 AM

Tricky Partner Function requirement


Hi.....I have a scenario like this.

In one of my client's requirement (i cannot explain the entire logic why it is so since it would take a lot of explaination), we are planning on assigning Ship-to's to a Bill-to and a Bill-to is assigned to a Sold-to.

Hence as you can see that a Ship-to is not directly assigned to a Sold-to. the sales order we are planning to enter the Ship-to first. Now i need help if anyone can let me know if this partner determination logic can be configured in SAP.

Summary: Ship-to is assigned to Bill-to and Bill-to is assigned to Sold-to.

As soon as we enter Ship-to in sales order, it should determined Bill-to and then Sold-to should be determined from Bill-to.