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Issue in invoice release workflow

Hi Experts,

We have one issue in invoice release workflow. where in we have deadline monitoring for 3 days when work item is forwarded from actual agent. Once the dead line is reached, work item should be auto returned to the actual agent. But deadline monitoring step is not triggering if forwarded same work item multiple times.

Complete scenario is as below:

  1. After creation of invoice,user(requisitioner) gets e-mail for approval, he approves the invoice then it goes to the second level approval.
  2. If the second level approver has not approved and forwarded the work item to another user, then after 3 days dead line monitoring is triggered and it should return back the work item to the actual user(second level approver).
  3. There is an option that second level approver can forward the work item once again.
  4. For first time forwarding, when ever the deadline monitoring is triggered the invoice returned back to the actual user, but for second time forwarding the dead line monitoring is not working , because the background step is already in completed state (completed in first time forwarding).
  5. We tried to loop the auto return activity and checked , but it is not working, Could anyone help me to resolve this.

Thank you,


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jul 05, 2018 at 11:08 AM


    You might want to consider putting the logic for approval and forwarding in a subflow and within that subflow as a deadline step that calls this subflow recursively.

    However functionally speaking, for deadline scenarios you want to escalate the process higher up the hierarchy, or directly to an appointed administrator, this is to make sure that the process continues and ends.

    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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