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Jul 04, 2018 at 04:05 AM

Program LJ1BCF01

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Reviewing a document 5592913804 with the difference = 0.03, I observed that this difference comes from Expenses including taxes from NF preparation, Table J_1BDYDOC field NFOTH

At technical level, I observed that the below program: LJ1BCF01 contain a routine which allow to use Max Diff between 0.02 to 0.03

Could you please help me in verify if there is any SAP note can help un to fix the program: LJ1BCF01 with this structure j_1bnfnet in which there are not max or minimums as you can see below:

IF abs( is_xml_item-nfoth - is_nf_item_calculated-nfoth )
> lc_max_diff_allowed.

DATA: lv_dummy TYPE c.
CONSTANTS: lc_max_diff_allowed TYPE j_1bnfnet VALUE '0.02'.
CONSTANTS: lc_diff_allowed_3c TYPE j_1bnfnet VALUE '0.03'. "2075255
DATA: lv_diff TYPE j_1bnfnet, "2075255
lv_baseredxml TYPE j_1btxbase. "2075255



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