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Feb 28, 2009 at 06:38 AM

Command Object Not Asking for Parameter When Using CR XI on Web


I have a Crystal Report that prompts a user to enter in a Code Table name, it then returns that Code Table with all it's fields.

I use the Command object to prompt for the code table and I created this report using both CR9 and CR11.

It works fine until I store the CR on our CR web browser. When I use the web browser to run the report, the user isn't given the prompt to enter a parameter. Instead, a Run box is display and when pressed it returns an error due to no parameter being selected.

Am I missing something I need to get this report to ask for a parameter when using the CR web?

Here is the SQL query I'm using for the Command Object:


FROM "TIBURON"."ZZ_{?CodeTableName}_Codes" "ZZ_{?CodeTableName}_Codes"

My parameter name is CodeTableName and it's a string value.

Thanks for any help on this.