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Feb 27, 2009 at 10:31 PM

Authoring Environment Integration with SkillSoft


Has anybody ever integrated an External Course provided by Skillsoft, with the Authoring Environment?.

The Course is SCORM v 1.2 Compliant but each time I try to do a test run using the Content Player it gives the following error message---

" SkillSoft Course Player has encountered an error while communicating with the Learning Management System. As a result, your session will be closed."

Has anybody ever encountered this before?. Any inputs?

Once I perform the consistency check on the course in the local work directory, it still does NOT give me a 100% error free result.

It says the following error--

Error detected for object: Instant,_Text,_and_Unified_Messaging_in_Outlook_2007 (v-)

  • Reference to unknown object:

- skillsoft_logo.gif (Detected in: Content/scp/en/assets/splash.htm)

- wip.gif (Detected in: Content/scp/en/assets/splash.htm)

- logo.gif (Detected in: Content/scp/en/assets/skillbriefs.htm)

- border.gif (Detected in: Content/scp/en/assets/skillbriefs.htm)

- lhslogo.gif (Detected in: Content/cca/mo_olpu_a02_dt_enus/output/t26/olpu0223/lhslogo.html)

- rhslogo.jpg (Detected in: Content/cca/mo_olpu_a02_dt_enus/output/t26/olpu0223/rhslogo.html)

Can anybody please give the requisite guidance??!