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Feb 27, 2009 at 09:03 PM

No ASAL for Germany, Italy and Mexico


In our current config in 5.0 we are using the following country groupings:

08 - Great Britain

10 - US

99 - Other Countries

We are using pay grades stored in T710. For the wage types we use the ANSAL indirect evaluaiton module (T511) with ASAL as the annual salary wage type (T539J and Feature ANSAL).

With 6.0 we are branching out into other country goupings instead of 99:

01 - Germany

07 - Canada

15 - Italy

32 - Mexico

37 - Brazil

When I went to set up the ANSAL valuation module for wage types on IT 0008 Germany, Italy and Mexico do not have ASAL as a wage type. I tried adding it to T539J and it sayd it does not exist for these country groupings. The only thing listed in T539J and that exists is CSAL.

I can't usif the TARIF indirect evaluation module because it pulls from T510 not T710. Has anyone had any experience with this in these countries? Since we are not using Payroll in SAP is it okay to use CSAL instead of ASAL.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.