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Feb 27, 2009 at 06:03 PM

Transaction COMAC - mass availability check


What do we need to do to allow production orders with the status CFCO GMCO GMPS to be ran through transaction COMAC?

What we are trying to do is run the material availability check 1 day prior to the final assembly operation for the finished good(s). Therefore, we have collective orders underneath the finished good Production order that may have an operation lead time offset that requires other operations to already be completed in the collective order. (example, the part may be lasered on a machine 2 days prior to the final assembly and the operation was given a status of CNF for laser but has not yet been formed (form operation is still REL)). I created a selection profile status that excludes production orders that are TECO, CNF, DLV, MSPT, and MACM. It should include production orders that are REL, and PCNF.

I also noticed that the checking group and checking rules in SPRO are used by Sales, Distribution, and PP. Is there a way to break this down so that each area has their own set of rules and check group instead of us all referencing the same check group/rule? For example, Sales wants to include in house production orders and purchase orders but PP only wants to include purchase orders in their material availability check.