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Feb 27, 2009 at 03:45 PM

Synch Inventory


Hi All,

Currently i'am working on a custom synch plugin to synchronize inventory.

The default inventory synch doesn't fit our needs.

We want to synchronize OnHand instead of (OnHand-IsCommitted+OnOrder) to Webtools

I looked at the code which was used in webtools to synchronize inventory (using dotnetreflector)

As far is i can see the synchronization of inventory is done in one action for all items / warehouses.

It's is done use direct select on the SAP BO Database.

It looks to me that if the inventory of 1 item changes the SynchManager doesn't change the inventory for just that item. The inventory from this specific will be updated when the complete inventory is updated.

Can anyone tell me if this is correct ?

Idealy i want to write a plugin which will be triggered to update the inventory of one item if the inventory of that item has changed in SAP BO.

If the description of an item is changed i get one record for it in the queue.

My assumption is that i won't get a record in the queue if the inventory is changed, is this correct ?