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Feb 27, 2009 at 01:32 PM




We have IS-T (Industry Solutions for Telecommunidations) as main SAP Solution.

We are planning the program BUPTDTRANSMIT from Monday to Friday during the night to update the time-depending data. However, since a couple of months, the performance of this program has gone worse and worse. At the beginning it lasted a couple of hours. Now, it lasts almost 24 hours !

The basis people are helpless or do not want to invest time in helping us. Therefore I got in touch with SAP, which send us a substitute program called ZBUPTDTRANSMIT.. We are trying to test it, but it takes a lot of time to start it.

Have you faced a similar problem with this program ? If yes, what action have you taken to solve this problem ?

thank you in advance for your help.


Dominique Charlier