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Feb 27, 2009 at 12:18 PM

Passing System number to HTML parameter from Action box button


Hi All,

We are currently have a button on the WINclient that links to an external system using an HTML page.

The button currently works and passes the BP number to the HTML URL (attached to the end).

We now want to add the current system number to the URL.

We have added a new Internal Parameter to the HTML config (called it sysnum) and this is picked up in the Action box data flow... we are (currently) using &<DESKOBJ>BUS6101& as a data source (as this appears to be the BO that should provide the data we need).

When we click the button we just get a screen that is requesting the a value for sysnum. If we put something in, it uses this as the system number and concatenates to teh end of he URL.

we have tried calling a method of the BO directly &<DESKOBJ>BUS6101.GETDETAIL& but this hasn' helped.

Has anyone got any pointers as to where we are going wrong ??

Many thanks in advance

Gary Hawkins