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Feb 27, 2009 at 10:57 AM

BI and LDAP integration. HELP.


Hello to everyone.

I've been asked to search for solution where the passwords from Active Directory Domain (LDAP) must be identical to passwords from BI system.

We have domain controller on MS server 2003 where the usernames/password are stored for Exchange Server. And we have a separate system SAP BI with usernames/passwords on it's side.

Our client wants to have same passwords on both systems. However our sys. admins must stay responsible for maintenance of password which means the central password storage must be MS Active Directory.

As far I've read the documentation we need to implement NetWeaver Identity Management which consists of: Identity center and Virtual Server. However there must

be IM Password Hook installed on domain controller to intercept user's password changes. Does it means that it will synchronize the newly typed password to Identity Center which then will be distributed to IM connected systems(in my case SAP BI)

What about the replication of all user information from Active Directory -> Identity Management -> BI. Will it work without password hook? Will it replicate passwords either?

As far as I know passwords in LDAP are stored in hashes so there is no way to replicate this data LDAP -> CUA for example. However CUA -> LDAP is going to work. Please correct me if im wrong.

Reading various docs provided by SAP i've seen only LDAP -> UME scenario where the password replication occurred. In all other cases LDAP used in opposite direction Any Source -> LDAP.

Will it work the way I described( LDAP -> IM -> BI) or I misunderstood smth.

Any help would much appreciated.

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