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Jul 01, 2018 at 09:34 AM

Cancellation of Outbound delivery and movement of stock to Warehouse


Good day,

I'm unable to cancel an outbound delivery note that was created and reverse the move the stock to our Main SAP Warehouse. The outbound delivery was generated from a returned PO. Posting was based on the outbound delivery. Due to internal request to reverse the transactions, I deleted the posting of outbound delivery and cancellation of "Transfer Posting" but not able to cancel the outbound delivery. When I try deleting the outbound delivery, I get a message "The goods movement status (partially or completely processed) does not allow the item to be deleted.". I checked the WMS transfer order from the outbound delivery flow (LT15) and released was already cancelled.

Could someone help advice me on how to cancel the existing outbound delivery and return the stock to our main warehouse in SAP, please?