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Jun 29, 2018 at 08:03 PM

Incident Management Fiori Tiles - Could not open app. Please Try again later. 403 Forbidden


I am having trouble with the Incident Management Fiori tiles My Incidents, Resolve and Dispatch Incidents and Create Incidents. For each of these I get the following with similar errors in the browser console:

I do not see any errors in the gateway under the transaction

/IWFND/ERROR_LOG or on the backend under the transaction /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG. I don’t have any authorization issues in SU53 in either system. I don't see any errors in ST22 in either system.

The backend solution manager, SOL, is separate from the frontend Fiori Gateway, SGW. The Fiori system is on SAP_UI 751 SP6; SAPK-75106INSAPUI. The gateway foundation software is SAP_GWFND 740 SP19; SAPK-74019INSAPGWFND. The addon for the solution manager apps is ST-UI 100 SP6; SAPK-10006INSTUI. I recently updated to this version to use the new incident management tiles on our central Fiori system. We already have HCM tiles set up and working flawlessly after the update. Only a few correction notes were required. This is a new set up for the incident management tiles but I believe the appropriate configurations were made.

The Trust RFC is maintained between the two systems. The system alias has been set up according to this RFC.

The OData services have been set up.

I can load the metadata successfully for each. I can perform the Call Browser successfully for each. I can test the Request URI /sap/opu/odata/sap/<itsm service>/$metadata for each in the SAP Gateway Client transaction and it returns 200. for each in the SAP Gateway Client transaction and it returns 200.

I have the odata services active in SICF. I have the BSP and UI5 services activated.

In the gateway I have the standard SAP role for access to the catalog and group. In the gateway system I also have a custom role with the odata service authorizations. In the backend solution manager I have a similar role. We have already been using ITSM so I already had the roles SAP_SUPPDESK_CREATE and

SAP_SUPPDESK_DISPATCH in solution manager.

I am pretty certain I have completed the required steps as described by for those apps.

I have performed cache cleaning tasks on the front and back end as well as the browser. After running the report /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE, I get no errors.

Prior to attempting to set these tiles up on our central Fiori system, I set them up local to the solution manager and they work fine. The gateway, SAPUI AND fiori for solution manager addon software components on solution manger are the same as our Fiori system. These systems also have the same notes in regard to these components. Our central Fiori system is where we would like these to run. The notes and other questions out there on SAP’s sites say to activate the services. They are active. What else could be the problem? Included are text files of the browser errors. create-incident-html-error.txtmy-incidents-html-error.txtresolve-and-dispatch-incidents-html-error.txt