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Jun 29, 2018 at 09:36 AM

Validatioin check on ME31L


Hi All,

I got a requirement in which i have to put a validation check on ME31L.

According to the requirement, I have to check while creating a Scheduling Agreement, If PO document already exist for same Vendor No(EKKO-LIFNR ) , Agreement type (EKKO-BSART)( i.e "LP" for scheduling agreement )and for same Plant (EKPO-WERKS), then it should print a error message. Simply the requirement is we have to avoid the duplicacy of the scheduling agreement and these 3 are the parameter which uniquely defines a agreement.

I am trying to accomplish it by using a user exit {EXIT_SAPMM06E_012} , but here i am not able to get field for PLANT(WERKS)

Any suggestions please.

Thanks in advance.