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Feb 26, 2009 at 12:17 PM

FPM - GAF - PORTAL - Refreshing or Reloading Guided Activity Framework app


Hi Guru,

I'm developping a GAF application that will be published into EP.

At the end of my GAF I want to refresh my application and display

the first screen, but not closing it (because I'm in the portal).

I've already fired the last step action and used the following code :

wd_this->mr_fpm->raise_event_by_id( if_fpm_constants=>gc_event-leave_initial_screen )

It 's working fine but the application keep the data,

I would like to reload the whole application with data refreshed.

I've tried this different sentences, but it doesn't refresh my data :

wd_this->mr_fpm->raise_event_by_id( cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_finish ).

wd_this->mr_fpm->raise_event_by_id( cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_refresh ).

(only available for OIF ? Why ?)

wd_this->mr_fpm->raise_event_by_id( cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_close ).  

(I don't want this one)

wd_this->mr_fpm->raise_event_by_id( cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_goto_start ).

Is it a specific event inside FPM to refresh or reload a GAF

without using the gc_event_close ?

Should I refresh context attributes and assistance class attributes manually ?

Any idea ?

Help will be really appreciated.