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Jul 02, 2018 at 07:53 AM

De-activate Bounce Collection for sapGeneric?



In our SAP Marketing Cloud system, we use Amazon as e-mail provider.

We have also set up Generic E-Mail Integration (SAP_COM_0234) but for a different purpose (as this sends messages to CPI and we send this from there to an external application).

However we don't use the "bounce" collection of sapGeneric at all.

There's an application log that keeps showing errors for this bounce collection.

It's the same application log that shows "Start collecting bounces from provider "sapAmazon" on date/time" and of course for Amazon this works fine, but then it also tries to reach sapGeneric:

Start collecting bounces from provider "sapGeneric" on date/time

which gives us "API error: Code "404", Reason: "Not Found", Message: "

So my question is:

(how) can we disable the bounce collection for specific providers like sapGeneric?

Thanks in advance,