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Jul 02, 2018 at 07:34 AM

User exit EXIT_SAPLL03A_002 (MWMTO003) not called


Hi All!

I encountered a problem when creating TO programme call user exit EXIT_SAPLL03A_002 but not enter into and return sy-subrc = 4.

I read note "1332903 - Forbidden transfer order split occurs" - there writes what

Reason and Prerequisites

Note 694070 solves the issue in releases 46C and 470. However, for unknown reasons, the correction was not transported to higher releases.


Implement the attached source code corrections

But I have high version than need and user-exit not called.

What should I do for this user-exit to make it work?

Kind regards
Serhii Razumnyi


version.jpg (32.2 kB)