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Feb 26, 2009 at 10:21 AM

Remote Delta Link to BI MyPortfolio KM navigation iView in FPN



We created a Federated portal network between EP consumer and BI producer Portals.

The BI Web-Reports are integrated in the consumer using the Remote Delta Link (RDL) method. The iviews work fine. When the user personalises online reports they save these variants in the MyPortfolio within KM on the Producer side (BI).

This MyPortfolio is also integrated in the consumer portal using RDL. The KM folder opens correctly and the user can display the stored report bookmarks. However, when the user executes a bookmark the consumer displays the message:

"This page cannot be displayed."

Whent he item is executes form the BI producer Portal the bookmark is executing ok.

Looking at the Properties of the bookmark I identified the reason for the error. The erro occurs because the object property Content Link (under Details >Settings >Properties-->Access Links) is as follows:

Content Link: <PORTAL_NAVIGATION>ROLES://consumer_content/<consumer.hostname>/portal_content/etcetc...

The problem with this link is that the part "consumer_content/<consumer.hostname>/" should not be included. It should not be included because this path does not exist in the consumer portal. Of course the BI producer Portal needs this, but the bookmarks are executed from the consumer not the producer.... When this part of the Content Link is removed the saved personal report variant runs as expected.

Does anyone have encountered this same issue with implementing RDL to the MyPortfolio in a federated portal network?

Does anyone no how I can exclude the "consumer_content/<consumer.hostname>/" from being created in the Content Link part of the KM bookmarkpages?

Or any other advise to make the MyPortfolio folder usable in a FPN?

Many thanks,