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Jun 28, 2018 at 05:04 PM

How to convert RBKP-RMWWR field from 3 decimals to 2 decimals?


Hi All,

As a part of requirement we are populating the field for amount on MIR7 screen from our custom screen via BDC The amount filed on our custom screen is WRBTR with length 13 and 2 decimals. After the document is parked we are populating the RMWWR(length 13 and 2 decimal places) field from the RBKP table into our screen field WRBTR. Now the problem is RMWWR field is shifting the decimal by one place to left(Ex 1245.56 from WRBTR is becoming 124.556 in RMWWR) . How to over come this issue. Are there any conversion exits?. Could help by some tips/ideas.

Thanking in Advance,