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Feb 25, 2009 at 03:28 PM

BADIs for UI Config



we are on SRM 5.0, WAS700.

We are using the transaction BBPSC01 for shopping. We are using a lot of "Public Templates (created centrally)".

When calling "old purchase orders and templates" instead of catalogs, we want to change the UI appearance of the public template. I was playing with BADI "BBP_SCREENVARIANT".

In fact I can influence the UI by showing/hiding elements.

But is it somehow possible to exchange columns of the shopping cart? We need to change columns, when the public template is expanded. This is program SAPLBBP_PDH_SEARCH with dynpro 4001. In SHD0 I created screenvariant ZBBP_SEARCH_SC. But it seems you can anly turn on/off elements but nothing more - am I right, that for my purpose I need to modify the html templates or the dynpro 4001 or both?

I was fiddling with html template SAPLBBP_PDH_SEARCH 4001, but also could not really exchange columns there...

help appreciated,

kind regards, matthias