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Feb 25, 2009 at 11:04 AM

Can we use two costing variants for standards cost estimate release.



We have 2 plants (plant 5100 and plant 5200) under company code 5000.

We have run standard cost estimate(CK11N) for material 98001000027 at plant 5100 using costing variant ZG01 and at plant 5200 using costing variant ZG02. First, we released standard cost estimate (CK24) for this materia at plant 5100 and set (in marking allowance) costing variant ZG01 and costing version 01. Next time when we are trying to release the standard cost estimate for the same material for plant 5200, it is automatically picking ZG01 as costing variant in marking allowance and it is not allowing to change the costing variant to ZG02 saying Company code 5000: Release already carried out, cancellation not possible, Message no. CK797.

Is it possible to use two different costing variants for release of standard cost estimate for a material at two different plants at the same company code? If so how?

Please suggest.