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Feb 25, 2009 at 10:37 AM

BADI - ac_document for Non Business Area updation in MIRO - Manual entry



We have customised the above badi to Zac_document1 and implemented successfully in our system. It is working correctly and giving proper / expected result except while doing the manual G/L entry in MIRO (In some of the scenarios).

In our Production system, one of the end user has generated a MIRO document in reference to a PO. In actual Invoice there were miscellaneous charges added by the party (Vendor), but not mentioned those in PO. End User has adjusted those charges by debiting the required tax G/L - u201CAP-CG Deduct-VATu201D account (In G/L Tab - in MIRO) and crediting the same amount to Material (In material tab of MIRO) that was used in PO.

While debiting the amount to G/L u2013 u201CAP-CG Deduct-VATu201D account, End User has not put the Business Area (In G/L Tab u2013 MIRO) which in turn result into entry in "Non Business Area" for the "G/L - AP-CG Deduct-VAT" irrespective of BADI was active in the system to update the business Area.

Could anybody suggest me the possibilities of non-picking up the Business Area in the line item of manual entry (In G/L tab of MIRO) entered in MIRO.

FI document is getting generated properly with updation of Business Area in all other scenarios (i.e. MIRO & SD Billing generation).

Points will be assigned to proper answer.


Shridhar Sawant