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Feb 25, 2009 at 09:17 AM

WebServices & url source code in ABAP ?


Hi Gurus !

We are planning to plug some client custom app to SAP. This app is a WebService, accessed by an url. We need to pass some arguments to the url, then the url will do its work and integrate in the source code of its page an answer we need to get back to SAP. This may be as HTML or XML, not really sure what Iu2019m talking about.

Indeed we know how to display within a dynpro some distant url, but is there a way to get the source code of a distant url without displaying it and then parse it in order to get back our answer?

Actually, this app is a barcode decoder. We would put as an argument to the url an undecoded string representing the bar code, then the WebService would decode and translate it. Weu2019re expecting to find a HTML or XML node in the url source code named something like MAT_NUMBER followed by the value of the translated material number.

Think this is feasible?