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Feb 25, 2009 at 06:02 AM

Bill of Materials(BOM Article) - Logistic Process



My company is a retail company and 1 of its categories is furniture.

The problem I am facing is when I order a furniture set from the vendor, it is delivered to me under a single article code. Now during delivery to the customer, when the pick list/outbound delivery is generated, the warehouse handler sometimes misses out on delivering all the components of the furniture set since they are kept separately in the warehouse due to space constraints.

Hence we decided to use the concept of Bill of Materials(BOM).

Here we would use the parent code for purchasing process but for the logistic process we would need to introduce a parent-child relationship for better tracking i.e. the parent article would explode into child articles during the inbound & outbound process.

Hence we went forward and created a BOM article However I am facing the following issues.

I have created 3 standard articles using MM41. After Creating 3 articles say A,B & C.

I then create BOM article using CS01. Suppose I create 'A' as the BOM article and BOM usage as '5' i.e. in Sales & Distribution. I assign 'B' & 'C' as child articles of 'A'.

Such that ,

1 quantity of 'A' has 1 quantity of 'B' & 3 quantity of 'C'.

The article is created successfully.

However when I raise a PO at the parent article level, the BOM article does not explode into components or child articles.

Similarly during the inbound & outbound process in the warehouse, I am unable to explode articles.

Also during goods receipt in the store , the BOM article does not explode.

Hence I wanted to know if there is any configuration setting I need to change or if any one can suggest an alternative method through which I can handle this problem.