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Feb 25, 2009 at 03:02 AM

Adjustment in SPDD?


Hi Friends,

We have upgraded SAP 4.6 to ECC 6.0.

In SPDD transaction there are two objects to adjust now.

The objects are.

=> without Modifiction Assistant
              -> Structures
                    -> /SAPDMC/LSSCREEN
                         * Structure Fields                        OHLIGER
              -> Domains
                        * /SAPDMC/LS_FILENAME             KUNZT

Here the objects are displaying in Yellow color light.

When i clicked on first one its showing the fileds and Accept Proposal, Edit Proposal buttons.

when i clicked on Accept Proposal, Its showing a dialog box like

Append for table /SAPDMC/LSSCREEN

Name of append ZALSSCREEN

And i clicked Continue. Then its showing one mesg like Structure /SAPDMC/LSSCREEN cannot be enhanced(creating new fields is not possible)

I am getting confusion.

Even i saw the difference in 4.6 and ECC 6.0.

In 4.6c this structure contains more fileds. In ECC 6.0 they removed some fields in this structure.

In 4.6 it caontains 182 fields. In ECC 6.0 it contains 150 fields.

Now when i clicked on Accept Proposal, the removed fields are appending into ECC 6.0 under ZALSSCREEN structure in table /SAPDMC/LSSCREEN.

I want just reset to original. I.e ECC 6.0 structure.

How to set to original. plz any helps will be appreciate.