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Jun 27, 2018 at 01:53 PM

Headcount planning powered by SAP Analytics Cloud


Hi Guru,

I'm petty new with SAP Analytics Cloud but I have strong HR background. Now I'm supporting my client to design HR Roadmap evolution in conjunction with Planning and Control revolution, indeed my client is re-thinking about Company Planning and Control model across all lines of business including HR where they are design new headcount (HC) and salary planning (SP) model.

Regarding Headcount and Salary Planning, I'm looking for an integrated solution that allow HR to plan headcount, salary increases and expenses to fulfil the following main requirements:

  • Automate manual activities like position management because today they have lots of manual based procedures, linked Excel-based spreadsheets to track data, making it difficult to adjust if changes to variables are needed for headcount or salary planning.
  • Implement integrated and comprehensive headcount planning with HR & Financial systems to check the impact that headcount or salary adjustments have on the financial forecast and vice versa.
  • Explore and visualize the impact of headcount and salary changes in easy-to-understand charts and graphs and drill down into detail by location or department.
  • Implement integrated solution with HR master data system (SF Employee Central) and Payroll to check filled position, open position and plan new positions along with compensation details.

Considering the latest evolution of SAP Analytics Cloud (e.i. new planning features) and the related roadmap (e.i. Hybrid (live write-back) support for SAP BPC embedded and optimized), I'm would like to understand whether SAP Analytics Cloud could be the RIGHT and BEST solution to manage headcount plan integrated with SuccessFactors and financial planning (SAP BPC will be developed to support financial planning).

For you info, as alternative solution we are checking SuccessFactors Workforce Planning to manage headcount plans.

Could you share SAP guidelines? Is there any world wild SAP client, who have never implemented SAP Analytics Cloud to manage headcount plan integrated with SuccessFactors and financial planning?