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Feb 24, 2009 at 11:58 AM

Dummy question on popups for a text message and popup with internal table


Hi all experts,

please sorry for the nooby question, I've checked the forum and found some FMs but I'm now working on an old system (BBPCRM 400) therefore some FMs I've read about are not available.

Basically, I did a report and want to manage a popup showing a brief summary in the way that follows:

the internal table T_MESSAGE is empty means that the process went ok; therefore I want to popup a text message telling that "the procedure has been executed correctly".

if the internal table T_MESSAGE isn't empty, then I'd like to popup a window (title: "errors during the procedure:") showing row by row every message that is stored in the t_message table.

This is a pseudocode schema:


"popup a windows telling that the process's been executed without errors.


"popup a windows showing the messages stored in the t_message itab.

Obviously, these popup must have just an "ok" button that leads to the initial launch mask of the program (a simple screen with parameters to insert).

Can anybody direct me to the most appropriate FM to call to get these popup windows? Thanks in advance 😉