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Feb 24, 2009 at 09:38 AM

Sap NW 7.01 Sneak Preview and PDF form developement: is it possible?


Hi guys,

i need your help.

I've download Sap NW 7.01 sneak preview and now i would like develop and test integrations

between WDA and Adobe Interactive forms.

I know that the ADS runs only on the java side of the AS, and the sneak preview

doesen't have it.

So this is what i need:

1. A link (or links) where i can download all required sw components

(i presume just Java AS and ADS Service)

(the installation of the Sneak preview is on winXP 32bit OS with maxdb database)

(i already have a good user to access the sap marketplace and download center)

2. A guide/blog (links) that shows how to install Java AS and the ADS

3. A guide/blog (links) that show how to configure correctly ADS (SSO, users,

security certificates and so on).

On the AS preview forums, suggested me to download the linux version of the sneak preview (that includes natively the java AS), but i don't want follow that way. I'm (quite) sure that someone of you already done what i'd like to do.

Thanks a lot to all of you that will help me.