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Feb 23, 2009 at 08:11 PM

IDOC XML Parsing


Hi Everyone.

I've got some lovely XML IDocs. I'd like to read them into the IDOC Class Library and send them to SAP with JCo..........

But I can't get some simple code to parse the XML. I've been sending XMLs to SAP for a long time and they were always valid in SAP. They are also valid XML.

I also borrowed the code directly out of the JCo documentation, so you'd think it would work.

I'm using Java 6, IDoc Class lib 3.01. I've also tried Java 5. If I could parse the XML I would be using SAP 4.7 and JCo 3.01....

I've used JDOM for creating my XML. I've tried UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encoding. The error doesn't change

The error message i get is IDOC_ERROR_PARSE_FAILURE: Invalid charachter encountered in XML input data sourcee: state=EXPECTING_IMMEDIATE_TAG_END, charPosition=48, lineNumber=1, columnNumber=49, invalidChar=U+0053, sourceSnippet=...<?xml version "1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>....

Heres my function I'm using.

(getRfcConnection is my own helper function to create a RFC Destination)

The rest of it is really just copied + pasted from the documentation.

public static void submitXml(Sap_Pruefziffer sap_pruefziffer, String language,String iDocXML)
    throws JCoException, CS_Rfc_Exception, AbapException, IDocParseException
        JCoDestination destination = getRfcConnection(sap_pruefziffer,language);
        IDocRepository iDocRepository = JCoIDoc.getIDocRepository(destination);
        String tid = destination.createTID();
        IDocFactory iDocFactory = JCoIDoc.getIDocFactory();

        //this would be great for re-implementing the OrderDataFactory
        //although that works just fine
        // a) create new idoc
        /*IDocDocument doc = iDocFactory.createIDocDocument(iDocRepository,"MATMAS02");
        IDocSegment segment = doc.getRootSegment();
        segment = segment.addChild("E1MARAM");
        // and so on. See IDoc Specification .....
        JCoIDoc.send(doc, IDocFactory.IDOC_VERSION_DEFAULT, destination, tid);*/

        // b) use existent xml file

        //get IDOC XML/IDOC Parser
        IDocXMLProcessor processor=iDocFactory.getIDocXMLProcessor();

        //parse the XML/IDOC
        IDocDocumentList iDocList=processor.parse(iDocRepository, iDocXML);//, IDocXMLFormat.SAP_RELEASE_610, IDocXMLProcessor.PARSE_WITH_FIELD_VALUE_CHECKING

        //send the XML/IDOC per RFC (our destination)
        JCoIDoc.send(iDocList, IDocFactory.IDOC_VERSION_DEFAULT, destination, tid);

        //not really sure what this does

Thanks for your help in advance