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Feb 23, 2009 at 03:20 PM

Hey! it looks like cloning of humans is possible!


in the "Database & OS Platforms" forum, we have a nuisance called Manu Jain.

- this guy keeps on asking basic questions

- this guy never searches

- when he gets an answer, he asks more basis questions

- he gives 10 points to the last poster to "allow him" to create new topics.

- he likes to be spoonfed.

- and if this is not enough, he created a new user ID and switched them constantly:

Manu Jain has a clone! his new name is "Raj"

Check how Manu and Raj keep on changing their ID but looks like it is the same person...

add image in sap

and, this "Raj" guy acts exactly the same... like assigning 10 points to the last poster...