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Jun 27, 2018 at 03:25 AM

Why provision tasks are queued?



This is a IdM 8.0 sp5 system. Everything looks correct to me, except one problem.

There is a termination task, in which I remove all business role assignments from the user, lock user and set validto date. We have people leaving the company every day, and I notice this task in most cases are in queue status in mxp_provision table.

When I change the state to 2, the task can be completed successfull without any error.

BTW, these tasks are the only entries in the table. Other tasks are completed without queue.

My question is why the task is always queued? If I do not touch those records, will the queued tasks get executed later, or they stay in the table forever?

What's the best way to fix the issue, please suggest?