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Feb 20, 2009 at 05:04 PM

Job Scheduling using server pool


Is there any way to use a pool of servers for job scheduling?

I know you can tell it the target server you want, but I want it to find an available server from a list.

The reason is, the job runs software on the app server. Not all app servers have this software installed. But it is installed on more than one. I want it to find an available server, but only one that has the software installed. It would be great to somehow define a pool of servers where the job can run.

I don't think I can get creative with job class. This looks at all work processes on all servers.

If I go this way, I'd have to set all work processes as A on the servers I don't want to use, and set my job as B. That is definately not an option.

Any ideas?