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Feb 20, 2009 at 08:59 AM

Wrong SYSDBA Error -24908



We are having a problem with SAPDB that I am not able to solve. We restored a full backup from another server, and after installing it, I managed to bring it online (after some trouble, we ran into some bugs in our particular version of DBMGUI). I can log into both SQL and DBM, but the DBA user was missing after restore (in DBMGUI, it's registered in the SQL). I created the SUPERDBA user, intending it to be the DBA user, but it doesn't show up anything special in DBMCLI. When I log into the SQLStudio and do a check on the users with SELECT * FROM DOMAIN.USERS, SUPERDBA does show up as having SYSDBA mode.

When trying to do a load_systab from DBMCLI, however, it gives the error: -24908 Wrong SYSDBA.

That's great, since there is no other SYSDBA. The DB Engine is Yes, I am aware that it isn't supported, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't work 😉 We have to use 7.4 for this project, otherwise I would gladly use 7.7.

(And yes, we are an SAP customer, and I have already put in an OSS note, but I prefer the forum if possible so everyone can see the answer).

Also in the log we get:


I checked in the help for MaxDB and there is a command (something like conf_sysdba) to change the sysdba user - but that only works on 7.6 or newer. How can we force it to recognize the SYSDBA user on 7.4.3.x?

(Also, I have seen some mysterious commands changing config settings like SAPDB12, but is this stuff documented anywhere).

Thank you very much,

Noah Silva