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Feb 19, 2009 at 05:36 PM

How to extend


Hello SDN,

Can somebody tell me how to extend the Class Z_WriteStrategyR3?

We are using ISA 4.0 for R/3-Edition SP9 with r3standardpi.

Please do not answer this question with "Use the Development and Extension Guide"... i can't use it for this problem. Reason, there is nowhere described howto extend a backendobject...there is only "Create a Customer Backend Object"... but i only want to extend the WriteStrategyR3.

I'm not a Java-Guru, therefore please write exact what is to do. Some generically informations are not helpful for me. I need really detailed informations.

boldThis 2 extensions of this WriteStrategyR3 i need:bold

- at the Method setTexts()

i want to decomment the lines 1578 and 1585...because if a positiontext is empty, this should never come to the SAP...

- at the Method shipToDataToRFCSegment (.....)

i want to add a line:

partnerTable.setValue("0000000001" , "TRANSPZONE");

That's needed because if i change the deliveryaddress, there is no Transpzone setted in the SAP, and therefore on the positons is no Route defined.

Thanks for your help,

Best regards,