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Feb 19, 2009 at 05:26 PM

Parent and Child components a mess



I am using CR Professional, Product Type: Full; version

Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional 9.00.0281, database: SQL Server, ODBC Driver, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Iu2019m on Windows 2000 SP4 workstation. I have already connected to the Dynamics database through ODBC.

Iu2019m trying to replicate our sales orders from Dynamics over to Crystal Reports.

I want to list our item number and description from the order. I also want to see what the customer item number is that matches our item number and the same for item description. For example company ABC ordered 25 pounds of walnut shells. Our item number for it is 2120025 and we call it walnut shells. ABC orders it by their item number 654321 and call it blasting shells.

I want the report to show:

2120025(A) Walnut Shells 25 lb ((A) indicates it will be labeled by what they call it)

654321 Blasting Shells 25lb

Our item number is set up to the parent item whereas the customer item is set up as a kit.

I have the following issues:

If the sales order is ordering our no-name brand the sales order will pull over blank.

If I remove the customer item and description I have all the sales orders but on each sales order it will list the kit item and the parent component item.

Using the example above:

2120025 Walnut Shells 25 lb (no name)

2120025(A) Walnut Shells 25 lb

Indicating ABC ordered (1) named product and (1) no-name product showing they ordered two items instead of just one.

I can run the report without the customer items and description but the report has to show the correct items.

Is there a formula that can be suggested to try to fix this?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.