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Feb 19, 2009 at 01:36 PM

Alerts, SQL Commands and SBO Mailer


We are having a tough time with alerts running and not running. Alerts were fine in 2005 and we we started with 2007 (PL 10 through PL 44) there are all kinds of problems. We've narrowed it down that if a SQL has SUM, Inner select, datetime, getdate and some other commands, the alert does not work. In fact in the pre PL 45 patches, it would cease up the database until you changed the OALT active field via SQL. Now with PL 45, it simply just doesn't run.

These SQLs run just fine from the query manager, but when put into an alert they don't run.

Also, we are experiencing the SBO Mailer service getting auto shut down throughout the day and night for no apparent reason. I have to say this is part of 2007 because we never had this with 2005.

Any comments or ideas to prevent the mailer from auto-shutting down?

Why would SQL queries work fine from the query manager but not when placed in an alert?