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Jun 27, 2018 at 08:27 AM

How to split Piking TO by LE quantity


Hi All!

My customer wants to split picking TO by pallet (30 qty = 1 E1). For an example, we have TO for 30 qty and I need to split it on three TOs of 10 qty.

I have next configurations:

When I created TO, it was not divided into three.

Please help me understand, what the problem?

Kind regards
Serhii Razumnyi


ex1.jpg (64.8 kB)
ex2.jpg (17.9 kB)
ex3.jpg (99.9 kB)
ex4.jpg (29.1 kB)
ex5.jpg (27.9 kB)
ex6.jpg (60.9 kB)
ex7.jpg (56.6 kB)