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Feb 19, 2009 at 10:43 AM

How to align (center) field's content in the section (band) limits


The environment is:

CR version: CR version: CR 10.2.3600

VS version: VS 2005 Prof + C#

Application type: Windows application

The Text objects can have set crHorCenterAlign property. There are no similar crVertCenterAlign property. So, how can we vertically align the Text objects content in theirs limits.

It would be usefull to have more properties, I mean something like this: TopAlignment, CenterAlignment and BottomAlignment. Currenty CR uses TopAlignment as a default settings which cannot be changed and is unavailable for a developer.

The similar alignments but in section (band) limits would be usefull for objects. For example, when the details rows have different heights which depend on a fields content smaller fields are printed at the top of the section (band). It would be usefull to have the object properties to set how the object is to be aligned in the section limits.

Please look at this [picture |]. It shows that 2-nd column has larger content, so the section has been expanded. But rest of columns are printed at the top of the band. If we have additional properties than we can decide how objects should be vertically aligned.

Perhaps I am wrong and there are somewhere vertical alignment setting hidden under different names.