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Feb 19, 2009 at 10:03 AM

Reg. setup time processing time


Hi all,

I am Using SAP R/3 ECC6.0.My question is

I have Created one finish goods where i set in house prod. time as 2 days.This is lot independent.

And i created One Raw material where the Planned delivery time set as 2 days.

I set Schedule margin key as 000 for these two materials.I created the relationship of this 2 materials in BOM.

Later i created Work centre with the standard SAP Formulas.Here i set the Rule of Maintained as Must be entered.

Then I created Routing for these fin.goods,there by assigning work centre it asked standard values for setup time,Machine time,Labour time.There i given standard values for these 3 as 1min.Then saved it.

After this i created planned ind.req & i converted planned order to production order.There in the prod. order screen in the general data tab the basic dates & scheduled dates shows that the fin.goods is get complted in a single order 19/02/09,the system shown start & finish date is 19/02/09 at 10.00AM to 19/02/09 at 17.15pm.

My question is i have given inhouse prod.time as 2 days with lot size independent then how the production will get completed in a 1 day.the production time shown is based on standard values(i.e 1 min in this example).

Pls give me solution what is the impact of In house prod. time & Standard values time given for setup,machine & labour in the routing.If i doesn't give any standard values time in routing then how the basic dates & scheduled dates will be calculated for Production order.