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Niping - network graph


I am investigating network dips at a client site, and did a long LAN stability test with niping as per SAP note 500235.

Results was the following:

niping -c -H <target_IP> -B 10000 -D 100 -L 360000

Mon Jun 25 12:48:15 2018
connect to server o.k.

Mon Jun 25 23:47:38 2018
send and receive 360000 messages
(len 10000)

 ------- times -----
avg     0.460 ms
max 20020.758 ms
min     0.181 ms
tr  42463.962 kB/s
excluding max and min:
av2     0.404 ms
tr2 48304.341 kB/s

It seems that the network did not tip from test computer, and the "av2" and "tr2" values are not bad.

The "max" value seems very high in above?

Is it possible to create a graph of the niping test, to determine the network stats and when the network was bad?

I found a "Graphing Niping output with RSORASTT" on, but on referred to SAP note this program is only available until SAP_BASIS 710.

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