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Feb 19, 2009 at 07:21 AM

WebUI : Entry Price in Sales Order - not user friendly


Dear all,

Have any of you use Sales Order entry on SAP CRM2007 WebUI ?

I would like to hear comment from you regarding on how you enter the item price in Sales Order module.

This is what I found, to enter single price for a product you need to go through at least 3 steps after you

open Sales Order Document.

1. Select/Enter the Product and Click on Edit for that particular product

2. System will open next page showing more detail info of that Product

here you need to click on Price section again

3. Finally the system will show the page where you can enter the price

For each of page transition the system may takes 3-7 seconds, so up to around 9-20 seconds user needs

to spend just to entry a single price in one Item.

Even worst, if there is more that one product, user have to click on back button couple times to go back

to main document to click another product to edit. Means another waste of time!

I like to hear comment from you and if you have better idea on how to simplify this, it will be great!

Some development effort on WebUI components need to be done I think, appreciate if you can lead

to more simple way to accommodate this.