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Feb 19, 2009 at 06:12 AM

Deletion Indiactor in ME5J


Dear All,

In ME5J after putting Project Definition and selecting Scope of list as ALV, we are getting a list which shows list of PR for that Project.

In Change layout option we are having following fields.

1. Deletion Indicator - Purchasing Document Account Assignment shows that the account

assignment item has been deleted.

2. Shortage (stock undercover age) quantity - Indicates the quantity required as determined via

Materials planning and control.

If I am selecting these two fields, I am not getting any values even after I delete account assigment in Project after creation of PO nor I am getting shortage quantity.

Let me know if need to put some notes in order to get this data or I need to do to some additional configuration for this??

Thanks and Regards,

Atul R. Rajmane