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Copy a Universe


We are trying to use 1 environment in 3 different ways. I have created 3 folders (SIT, UAT and Post Prod) on our QA Box. If the change is created in DEV then I use LCM to move that change to the QA Box, how can I move a copy of that universe to the SIT folder? Once it passes testing, I want to move from SIT to UAT. I have tried to re-import the universe with designer and the export it back out to the correct folder, but our object level security was removed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Feb 18, 2009 at 10:12 PM

    Hi Frank,

    This Happens because the universe ID is changed.

    If you want to apply the same Row Level Restriction to a copy of an existing universe, follow the steps below:

    1.Import 'UniverseA'

    2. Change long name from File > Parameters > Description tab to 'UniverseB'

    3. Save 'UniverseB' and export it.

    Once you click on OK a message box will appear asking to 'Update' the existing universe or 'Copy' and create a new copy of the original 'UniverseA'

    1. Choose "Copy"

    2. Close 'UniverseA'

    3. Import 'UniverseB'

    4. Go to Tools > Manage Security > Manage Access Restrictions and you will see that the Row Level Restriction is now kept in the newly created 'UniverseB'

    I Hope this Helpsu2026



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      I have a similar problem : We have one BO environment and we have different folders created like Dev, UAT , Prod. So I have a universe in UAT named as UAT XYZ, this universe has all the several access restrictions applied to it in like object level, row level, connections in the Manage Access Restrictions under the Tools in Designer.

      Also there is a similar universe in Prod named as 'XYZ' which also has the restrictions on the universe.

      Now during developemen we updated the UAT universe added some objects,measures... and also added some additional Restricitions tp the UAT.

      Now when I have to move the UAT universe to Prod after we make changes to it, What we currently do is  :

      1. Import the UAT universe named as UAT XYZ.

      2. Change the name by going to File/Parameters and Change the name, description and connection to the existing Prod universe which is named as XYZ and change the description and connection accordingly.

      3. Then export the universe to the Prod folder, while doing that I get the message -

           - Universe 'UAT XYZ' was previously exported to folder /UAT. Do you want to move the existing universe to folder/Prod and update it? Move will move the existing universe to the new folder and update it. Copy will create a new universe in the target folder.   Options : Move , Copy , Cancel

      4. I select Copy, then I get the message - 

           - There is already a universe named 'XYZ' in /Prod. Do you want to overwrite it?  Options : Yes , No

      5. I select Yes, overwrite it and then the universe it now exported to the Prod.

      But when I Import the XYZ universe from the /Prod folder and go to the Tools/Manage Access Restriction I can see the Access Restrictions and also the Users/Groups which have the access restrictions, But these don't seem to work anymore. Thus now the universe in Prod has lost its access restrictions.

      And we have to then manually delete all the access restrictions we see in the XYZ Prod universe and create them all and assign to the Users/Groups for it to work.

      Please let me know how can I push the universe from one UAT folder to the Prod folder in the same environment with the access restrictions in tact and working.

      Is something missing / wrong in the steps or is this some kinda bug in SAP BO?

      Any thoughts are appreciated. Please let me know what can be done to overcome this problem.