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Former Member
Feb 18, 2009 at 05:51 PM

Modifying the custom tables TBZ* generated by EEWB for BUPA?? Advisable?



We have added new fields in BUPA using EEWB. The new fields are automatically added in the new section created on screen. Now our requirement is to move these fields to one of the existing sections and delete the new section. Is it advisable?

I assume that in the EEWB extension wizard, we do not have any option of generating the new fields in existing custom sections. Please correct me if I am wrong.

As per our current plan, To accomplish this change we are planning to modify the tables TBZ3H, TBZ3I, TBZ3C and TBZ3D for the view--> section --> screen mapping. Will that be enough or some more changes will be required?

Also, a new BDT application is created for the new section and there are corresponding entries in TBZ0A, TBZ0B, TBZ0C and TBZ1F. Now we are not sure that if we modify/delete these entries, how the system would behave. Any pointers are welcome!!

Specially for TBZ1F entries, should the new events function modules created for the new application be assigned to the already existing application.

Please advise.