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Former Member
Feb 18, 2009 at 01:41 PM

Useful Life in Dep Key "to the day"



we have two depreciation areas one for IN gaap and the other for US GAAP. In GAAP has depreciation keys with "to the day" feature and the US GAAP has depreciation keys created with useful life feature.

Now the issue is since useful life has got no role in the case of IN GAAP, whenever we create asset we press enter enter and the same usefule life as per US GAAP get copied in the US GAAP also as it has no relevance for calculation.

The problem is that if i enter only period 1 as useful life for US GAAP( meaning that the asset is to be fully depreciated in one month for US GAAP purpose) and the same period 1 is entered in IN GAAP. then for IN GAAP my full asset is getting depreciated in 6 months wheras the depreciation key assigned to it is 13,91 wdv method( with to the day tick).

I changed the period 1 and made it 999 for IN GAAP purpose and tested it in test system and then system is showing correct values.

Can anyone throw some light on this issue as to why it is changing in case of useful life when the dep to the day is ticked in depreciation key.