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Feb 18, 2009 at 09:59 AM

Service Interface with two operations (PI 7.1)


Hi everybody,

Iu2019ve got a question which seems very simpleu2026 How can I create the configuration scenarios (in PI 7.1 Integration Builder) for a service which has got two (or more) operations registered. The operations of the service are accessed by the same business system A. and send the resulting message to the business system B. In Enterprise Service Builder this results in two Process Integration Scenarios - one for every operation.

After configuring the two resulting Configuration Scenarios I have the problem, that only one of them works, because the messages are not correctly routed to the other. Since both Configuration Scenarios have same business systems and Service Interface (but different Actions in the scenario), PI generates only one Receiver Determination, Interface Determination, Sender Agreement and Receiver Agreement. This results in the Error message:

Problem occurred in receiver agreement for sender u2026 : No standard agreement found for

I want to provide only one SOAP Service Interface with two operations, hence I also only have one Sender Agreement, but I donu2019t know how the other configuration objects are supposed to be generated. Iu2019m sure that Iu2019m missing something essential and would be glad if somebody could help.