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Jun 26, 2018 at 11:49 AM

Custom privilege assignment page with background filters


Hello Gurus,

I’ve received a request to create a custom privilege assignment page for one of my customers. The IDM system is a 8 version SP5 patch level 11 and running on an Oracle db.

It seems that during the past years the option to create a custom assignment attribute, which I surely used in 7.2 first SP versions, has disappeared.

Now for this particular customer I need to create a customized assignment page where a specific admin can only assign a particular bunch of privileges for a specific backend system. So not all privileges are “authorized” for this admin.

The easiest way would have been to create a new assignment attribute with some SQL query configured in the attribute values tab but as it is not possible to create a custo assignment attribute I need to find another solution.

So I thought to play a little with the visibility of the privileges in the identity store but this would impact the request new role task part of the self-services.

Has anyone experienced a similar request/issue?

All suggestions are welcome J